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IWelcome to! A music platform which allows for aspiring music artists to showcase their music to audiences across the world! which also allows for listeners to discover new music artist and gain access to organic music in the Pacific Northwest! is dedicated to raising political awareness to critical issues in the world through using music and other forms of artistic expression.

IOur vision here at is to develop a digital music platform for aspiring music artist to submit their new music to for a chance to showcase on our Drop of the Week section below and earn prizes and awards. Music artist will also be able to submit a short autobiography or news article that will also showcase alongside their music single. Listeners will be allowed to vote on their favorite song on our Drop of the Week section and also be able to win cash prizes and awards. 


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Fight No Moor, a musical hip-hop single by William X Nietzche, is about political wars on invisible war fronts stirred up by the U.S. or the powers that be. The album artwork depicts William X Nietzche on the right side as a moor, and on the left side of the picture viewing from bottom to top is Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Trump and the Bidens are on one side of the war dressed as Christian Knights Templars and/or Crusaders. While on the other side, Nietzche the Moor holds his ground against the tyranny.

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